Will Games Save Wii U?

Will Games Save Wii U?

The Nintendo Wii U was released with a lot of hope and fanfare; early adopters found out quickly that it had one great downfall – a lack of games. The initial release featured all the usual Nintendo classic games, such as Super Mario Brothers and Nintendo Land, the problem is that these games weren’t up to maximizing the capability of the hardware and controllers of Wii U to make the console worth the cost. It had one of the lowest first year sales reporting’s of any recently released Nintendo console product.

What Went Wrong in its Freshman Year?

Wii U hit the drawing boards back in 2008 and was supposed to represent a culmination of the Wii line, integrating the Wii pad controllers with standard controllers, and the only then dreamed of Miiverse social network system. By the time it got close to its release date, gamers were excited to hear it was going to feature high definition graphics and extend play within the Nintendo Universe.

The full integration of the Miiverse made it promise to rival the Xbox communications system as well. Unfortunately, while the hardware was in great shape, the library of games that could be accessed with the Wii U wasn’t up to what it could do. Granted you could invest in optical discs for more solid play, the standard Nintendo games and graphics weren’t upgraded to match the high definition promise of the console system.

Is Wii U Still Viable?

The next year, it saw the release of Fatal Frame, Project Super Robot, Project Guard and a more fully integrated painting game. These games don’t just maximize the graphical capacity of the Wii U, but they have also been revamped or designed specifically to use the controller and consoles that make it potentially so great. The stylus integration, and the off network play capacity also are triggered with this next generation of games specific to this console.

What to Expect

Whether or not a gaming console that barely sold 3 million units in its first year will survive remains to be seen. Nintendo has a very loyal fan base for its Super Mario Bros and Legend of Zelda series and it is still working to build a strong fan base for the Wii activity games. The new games offer a hybrid of game styles that just might appeal to more users. The integration of stylus use and the activity sensor pad might make it appeal to parents with younger children that they want to be engaged with games, but to also maintain a higher level of activity.

Gamers from all walks of life are holding out for Wii U to graduate into the big leagues, brushing off the first year as just business as usual with companies rolling out products that are nowhere near ready to stand on their own. This second year may prove to be the jumpstart for Wii U that will put it at the top of everyone’s list.