Two Ways to Play Minecraft Online Free

Two Ways to Play Minecraft Online Free

If you want to play Minecraft's multiplayer mode but don't want to shell out the money necessary to pay for an account, then you should take comfort in the fact that you can still try this game for free. There are various ways on how you can play Minecraft for free and still be able to get the experience that you crave for. This article lists down some of the ways on how you would be able to play this amazing game without having to spend too much, or even a single dollar to experience the game in full.


Awards Program

Many companies offer the chance for would be Minecraft users to fill out surveys, and they would give Minecraft accounts to those who actually finish surveys, which takes about half an hour to complete.  Points2shop, Cash Crate, and Prize Rebel are some popular ones. Some even offer discounts for other games, so this provides a treasure trove of resources to those who not only like Minecraft, but other games as well. Getting free Minecraft accounts will allow you to play the full version of the game with no limits or restrictions.

Free Versions

Some sites also offer different versions of Minecraft. These can range from outdated versions of Minecraft, dubbed as Minecraft Classic, while others were able to develop emulations of the game like the flash games. If you are not that picky with regards to functionalities, then this can also be a viable option for you. In fact, some emulators even provide additional blocks and functions not available in the original, although in some cases there will be bugs, and some functions present within the original game will not be present here as well. Still, if you would just like to play under the basic mechanic without minding as to what you are actually playing, then this is one of the best alternatives available to you if you do not want to pay in order to enjoy the Minecraft experience.

Alternatively, you can search for the free browser version of the game that lets you play multiplayer. With this, you will be able to enjoy the vast gameplay and intuitive mechanics that Minecraft presents to millions of gamers worldwide.