Titanfall and Xbox One – The Perfect Team

Titanfall and Xbox One – The Perfect Team

Much ado is being made of the lead game that Microsoft has chosen to bundle with their latest generation of the Xbox One. The Titanfall game is capturing the same fan base as Call of Duty, and bringing in people who have never played CoD. The game play is exciting, fast and interesting. It can be played as a solo game, but it really comes alive in the multi-player environment that the console is capable of delivering.

Titanfall comes from the same creators of Call of Duty. It is not a continuation of the Call of Duty scenario, although there are many elements of the overall game design that will be familiar. Titanfall is currently offered to new Xbox One buyers for free as a bundled game. It is available for purchase via distributors and online retailers for everyone else. Titanfall is getting a lot of attention form reviewers and players; it stands to claim most of the rewards over the coming years for leading game innovation and design.

From reviewers and payers Titanfall on Xbox One is landing full stars. As a single player or multi-player game it holds together well. There is nothing unexpected about the navigation and controls; they will remind you a great deal of its source of inspiration, Call of Duty. It also has some upgrades that would have made Call of Duty even better, but the game was already too far in evolution to be able to back engineer the upgrades for controls better.

Why are People Calling this the Next-gen in Gaming?

Game play in Titanfall takes the multi-player shooting game to its next level. The game moves quickly and smoothly with responsive controller movements and 360 sound and view capabilities. The in game voice communication system doesn’t interfere with the audio of the game so you don’t experience the drops that are common on lesser systems that can disrupt your concentration and performance. The look and feel of the game itself has been described as “cinematic immersion.” It looks and sounds like real time action and that can transform your excitement in playing. Even if first person shooters aren’t your thing, you will get swept up in the excitement of the play.

The Xbox One Difference

There is no other home gaming system available today that can carry the cinematic game design of Titanfall as well as Xbox One can. Having cut their teeth on the popular Call of Duty, the Titanfall designers have maximized every aspect of the game design for the hardware of the console. The networking system and multi-player capability that Microsoft has almost perfected through multiple Xbox One generations is at its right age to be able to handle the Titanfall demands. The addition of third party apps and a reliable Internet browser let you integrate your gaming experience and accomplishments with your social networks while also being able to find the tricks and tips you need fast.