Discovering the Advantages of the Miiverse

Discovering the Advantages of the Miiverse

Wii U offers the Miiverse as a dedicated gaming network for members playing on the platform. There are a lot of advantages to using Miiverse. With the recent release of Camp Miiverse, the experience has gotten even better.


Dedicated Social Network

If you are a gamer and you want to be social, then chances are you are going to have a lot more fun talking to other gamers. This is one of the benefits of using Miiverse. Unlike other social media networks where some of you friends might be gamers, but your great aunt is too – you don’t have to worry about having to either stop and explain everything you are posting, or having a newsfeed that is full of posts that have nothing to do with the game you are currently in.

Closed Social Network

Miiverse is a closed social network. That means that you must be a member of Wii U to have an account. This has several different advantages, for one it means that other members are already there for the same reason. This will make for a better community environment. The other main advantage is it makes it easier to monitor behavior within the network. Wii U can be more responsive to player reporting than other companies who host more open networks.

Camp Miiverse

Camp Miiverse was introduced into the second year of the release of the console. It takes the concept of Miiverse and puts a specific structure on it that will help integrate it better into your games, and make your game play more exciting. One of the main features of Camp Miiverse is that it has a central area where challenges and contests are posted for different games. You then go to a delineated area reserved for that game to participate in the challenge. You can post your results, your profile; keep your favorite profiles up, share screen shots and more. Camp Miiverse also makes use of the ability to turn off Yeah! This makes your keeping up with your contest related posts easier to do.

Other Social Media Platforms

Nintendo isn’t as foolish as to think that Miiverse is going to replace any of the prominent social media networks for their members, so they did something very intelligent with the design of the Wii U. One of the dedicated channels available reaches out and integrates with the major social media platform such as Facebook and Twitter.

The idea isn’t to remove their members from other networks, but to give them a network that they can call their own and use as gamers. You won’t have to deal with any posts you don’t want to see or remarks and comments from non-gamers on your achievements. Miiverse gives you a place to be serious about your gaming with people with similar interests. You can meet up with everyone else on the other networks, but you can do it right from your console.