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Dangerous Driving in Glasgow – the Do’s and Don’ts of Drunk Driving

Dangerous Driving is one of the most serious road traffic offences. What was once associated with the worst drivers on Scottish roads, has now turned into a rather regular offence. At Sheridan Road Traffic Law, we provide the best specialist legal representation to take on your case. If you are looking for dangerous driving glasgow services, then check out this site.


What is Dangerous Driving?

Dangerous Driving occurs when an individual drives significantly over the speed limit or if an individual drives in such bad way that it endangers his or her own life or another person’ s life. To be charged with dangerous driving, an accident does not have to happen and you can be at risk of losing your driving license, your liberty, your job or even your home.

If you are taken to court, you will be tested for whether the standard of driving falls below what is expected of a reasonable and competent driver and also whether it was obvious that the way in which you were driving was dangerous and life threatening.



What are the penalties of dangerous driving?

The penalties of dangerous driving have the potential of being extremely serious. Upon being convicted of dangerous driving, the penalties include the following:

  • A minimum obligatory 12-month disqualification from driving.
  • The extended test of competency to drive must be passed before regaining a driving licence.
  • A very large fine.
  • In more serious cases, a prison sentence of up to 2 years and forfeiture of your vehicle.


At Sheridan Traffic Law, we understand that each dangerous driving case is different. That is why we offer bespoke legal representation and comprehensive investigations to ensure that your case is dealt with accordingly. Our approach includes a thorough examination of your vehicle, the conditions of the road and weather at the time and any equipment used by the police. This approach aims to minimise the possibility of being charged with serious penalties upon conviction.


How can Sheridan Road Traffic Law help?

With an outstanding 100% success rate in the last 12 months, Sheridan Road Traffic Law is the only specialist road traffic lawyer who can take on your case. Sheridan Road Traffic Law has an award-winning service and an impressive 95% success rate of drivers being able to keep their license following their conviction.

Our bespoke service and proven track records makes Sheridan Road Traffic Law the best specialist legal representation for road traffic accidents in Scotland. If you need help in protecting your driving license, then get in touch with Sheridan Road Traffic Law today.